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Week Three: Exploring HTML 5

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A Brief Focus on the Rhetorical Audience Fit

Willson & Associates Cares


■What is the purpose of the site? — Primary: To announce there is help and you are not alone. Secondary: Provide contact information and first steps to take.
■Who is the intended audience? — Parents and Children victimized by Parental Abduction or Parental Alienation.
■Do you think that the site reaches its intended audience? –Yes, this site is only a few years old. In the community of  left behind parents many have used it for a resource. This site could be optimized and advertised but it is unfunded and all parties are at this time all volunteer.
■Is the site useful to you? — Yes, it helps when counseling parents in crisis as a resource to use for coaching them.

■List one interesting fact or issue that this site addresses. — The majority of left-behind parent are female, but this site understands this is a gender indifferent problem. Fathers and Mothers can be left behind.
■Would you encourage others to visit this site? — I do routinely during the year… this is a site for those in need of answer and connecting to a team that can help.
■How could this site be improved? I believe there needss a 24 hour monitor with a rewrite of the content to include downloadable flash movies that offer training to begin the process of understanding what happens to families in crisis when a child goes missing or is taken. PDF and flash give great compression to deliver learning management system  to aid the client and the volunteer staff to provide crisp and up to date material to each person.


■What is the purpose of the site? This is an experimental magazine styled website use to introduce content beyond Web 2.o. The artist and designer, Dawn Willson, has worked for the History Channel and for the Discovery Channel. It is her goal to change the way content is treated by corporate sponsors and content providers throughout the channelization and distribution of the content.
■Who is the intended audience? Potential Clients and Employers.
■Do you think that the site reaches its intended audience? This site has a great potential. The economy trouble hit about the time this project was started. It is my hope with the return to better times, this firm will advance this concept site to the next level. Her team in Miami, Florida this week to pitch to the NATPE new shows and content provisioning.

■Is the site useful to you? This a great site I have used to explain and to show as a real magazine online that can go anywhere… iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, eNotebook, and more.
■List one interesting fact or issue that this site addresses. It shows the look and feel of a site can be expressive and unrestrictive as seen in sites prior to Web 2.0 and in Web 2.o.
■Would you encourage others to visit this site? I teach many web designers about future trends and technologies… this is a must view site.
■How could this site be improved? Get capitalized and begin weekly or bi-monthly fresh content then hire marketers to promote the brand.

Color Usage Analysis & Review

Be the Greatest,


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Week One: Researching & Responding “Online Success”

Learning is Success. Success in online studies has a great many aspects the contributors and the participants must master. I will be discussing two online sources that I believe will aid my readers in understanding how to be successfull with online education.
How to Succeed as an Online Student
http://distancelearn.about.com/od/distancelearning101/a/studentsuccess.htm ( 30 minute read and study)
Simpleology 101: The Simple Science of Getting What You
Want http://www.simpleology.com  ( about 20 plus hours of video and audio that you will want to master over the course of about six months)

Before you start any online academic enterprise, you have to set up within your own personal framework the simple science of getting what you want. Then create a plan with a step wise approach to taking your vision to reality. Know there will be bumps in the road, rocks in the shoes, tears from the heart-breaks, and other exceptions. Reality checks will tell you that plans will change to keep your navigation toward the goal.

Together these two articles give a great starting point for anyone considering online class. Yes, depending on your virtual IQ for online social networks and search engines, there will be some culture shock for those not raised in a diet of trons that empower you to become a netizens from birth. For those there are many ways to acquire that knowledge and the technology under $2000. In fact your schools financial office may be able to help you with a one time loan for a computer system (hardware and the software) for your online tool set.

The Simpleology Team does a great job of mix low resolution flash animations to assist the view/reader in the process of memory creation. Relational mapping and recall are important aspects of learning. Anything you can do in a real classroom can now be accomplished online with the necessary systemizations. The virtual quads are now invading the blogosphere with an army of students and academic scholars to learn and to harness the power of online content that builds relationships.

If I had to provide a score for these two online articles I would have to say they are priceless. Such value only exists for the one who will take the time to emerse themselves into the process, apply the means with the given methods in your personal real world plan that only you can create for your academic success. Additionally, I did take the quiz my Professor Santoy suggested. It was a great quiz with immediate feedback as to your position in a point spread 0 to 32. I scored 32 (https://www.waol.org/prospective_students/isonlineforme.aspx) :

Great! Your score was 32 points.
Based on your responses, you’re a good candidate for online learning. You have a good combination of study skills,
equipment, and personal attributes necessary to succeed in an online course.

I believe the real value of that quiz is the prospect-student will do a personal inventory without fear of criticism from others about their technical knowledge or personal study habits necessary for success online. The most difficult task for me in online course is parsing the various writing styles and presentation structures into a well-defined time-line. I have learned this past year to use a single calendar tool to merge all my task steps into my day planner with alerts and deliverable lists. I hope to also learn to merge dock my master calendar into all my personal digital gear (iPhone, iPad, iPods, PCs, etc.). For those who master their budgets of time and space, the electronic day planning with a master calendar sync is a must do it now. Get a Nike attitude, “Just do it.”

A great resource for me as a young field service engineer back in the early 1980s was a seminar based on Dr. Alec MacKenzie’s book “The Time Trap”. Newer editions are available at Amazon and other fine online book providers (see below). This book will make you a red belt in defending your time and material budgets from killer sabotage that can wreck your success. If you truly do not want success in your life then you must avoid ever setting eyes on these privileged documents. And you will want to delete your cache of this invitation to become greater than you are now. Please find your delete key before you are infected with any notions of success. For those who do want success then these documents with rich media are a must to read, study, and master these tools for your future success.

To summarize this journey of online content with a focus on success for online students, I can state my taking the free course content from Simpleology 101 was in 2009. I initiated a plan for my return to college. January 2010 was my first college moments. The daily juggle of schedules, resources in terms of cash outlay, budgets for both time & money would not have been successful without the application the KISS principles for planning and actualizing the plan. Any student can tell the pressures of last-minute conflict resolution requires diplomacy to negotiate the resolution so that all parties win. Any student 16 and older will benefit from these online resources. My time as a student has spanned more than fifty years. I know if you apply the lessons from these resources that you will be successful. Set your browser to the links above and start you success engines to roll toward that degree today. 

Be the Greatest,


Inside Simpleology 101

The Time Trap:  http://www.amazon.com/Time-Trap-Classic-Book-Management/dp/081447926X ( a great read and study with solutions and strategies you can master along with your studies of Simpleology 101 courseware.)

Amazon.com Review:

Since it was first published, The Time Trap, by internationally known authority Alec Mackenzie, has indeed become The Classic Book on Time Management, as proclaimed in its subtitle. Based on the theory that self-management is the key to handling the time crunch that we all face, it focuses primarily on Mackenzie’s 20 biggest time wasters, such as telephone interruptions, the inability to say “no,” and personal disorganization, and offers clear step-by-step ways to combat them. The updated third edition also includes information on time problems caused by technology, downsizing, and self-employment.

Liam’s Hello World, 2011 is Here!

G’day to All,

Liam here… Welcome to my web publishing project for Engl 3368 at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Short and sweet… you are welcome to visit and learn as I do.

Be the Greatest,


Some of my friends will be at http://www.natpemarket.com/natpemarket/ next week. I wish them well as they pitch products to the industry gods.

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